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We appreciate your membership with us. Here are some products and services CapEd offers that you may not be taking advantage of.


We offer a variety of loan options for vehicles, homes, and other personal needs.

  Visa® Credit Card

Apply for a CapEd Visa® credit card with a low introductory rate! Restrictions may apply.

  Home Equity/HELOC

Access the equity in your home to make home improvements or consolidate debt.

  Educator Loan

Loans specifically for the needs of educators in Idaho.

  Personal Loan

Line of credit, unsecured, and share secured personal loans.

Save Money

Solutions to help you save money.


Earn higher dividends on funds you stash away for months or years.

  Medical Savings Accounts

A great way to help pay for eligible medical expenses.

  Holiday Cash Stasher

Deposit money throughout the year to use for the holiday season.


Options to help you save for retirement.