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CapEd Classics

You've seen them around town, on the streets and up in the sky. CapEd's classic car and hot air balloon are prominent features of our credit union. We're here to tell you their story and how they tie into our legacy and who we are today.

CapEd's 1936 classic Ford pickup, named Doc Ace

Doc Ace – a 1936 Ford Pickup

In 2016, CapEd reached a major milestone: our 80th anniversary. With much excitement, there was discussion on how to celebrate such a major milestone. That discussion led to the purchase of a 1936 Ford pickup built in the same year that we were founded. Before it could become the Doc Ace we know and love today, we had to take many steps in the restoration process.

The Start of a Good Plan

While searching for the perfect car to represent the CapEd legacy, numerous web searches and connecting with gearheads in Southern Idaho led to a Salem, Oregon post looking for a buyer of a complete 1936 Ford pickup with no motor. The seller, who served on the supervisory committee of his local credit union, had put 10 years of work into its restoration and CapEd was more than willing to take on the rest of the project. Phone calls were made, pictures exchanged and money was wired. We arranged transportation and it arrived at Axtell Custom Hot Rods in Melba, Idaho on January 3, 2016 to begin restoration.

The plan was to have everything complete by July 2016 in time to have the car participate in parades and be displayed at our branches. However, good plans sometimes don't work out exactly as intended.

The Rebuild and Restoration Starts

It was already late July 2016 when the body work was fitted and dialed in and it was clear that the timeline we'd hoped for would not be met. With Summer rapidly coming to an end, it was decided to let off the gas pedal and take on a more laid-back restoration schedule. With a strong dose of reality, the next steps were to disassemble, paint and bring the entire project together.

A variety of paint schemes and options were considered. There was a lot of discussion about it and beige was ultimately decided. Beige is a color reminiscent of 1936 and was a neutral palette for whichever accent colors we chose. Burgundy was selected as the accent as it pays homage to the original colors used by Boise Teachers Federal Credit Union and Capital Educators Federal Credit Union. The car's painted logo is a "vintage" representation of CapEd's contemporary logo.

Tying it All Together: Ready for the Big Reveal

After more than 17 months of work, Doc Ace was revealed in May 2017, a full year beyond the projected completion date but well worth the wait. The celebration included key family members of those who helped start Boise Teachers Federal Credit Union in 1936 and those who helped sustain it through a merger with Meridian Teachers and Canyon Teachers in 1972 and 2005 respectfully. The 1936 pickup represents our history as Idaho's first and continuously operating federal credit union. The outward appearance of Doc Ace captures this history. Under the hood, a 350 short block engine represents CapEd's strength and ability to adapt and innovate for a modern world.

Why the Name Doc Ace?

The name "Doc Ace" is hand painted on the dashboard of the car. Dr. Acel "Ace" Chatburn was a founding member of Boise Teachers Federal Credit Union. Ace was a large part of the Idaho education community for most of his life. In honor of his dedication to CapEd Credit Union and our community, the pickup was named Doc Ace. It also honors all those who have dedicated time and talents to our member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative. When you see Doc Ace in parades or other places, we hope you pause for a moment and recognize you too are a part of this great legacy.

CapEd's Read to Rise hot air balloon featured in the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

Read to Rise Hot Air Balloon

CapEd has happily sponsored the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic since 2015. This sponsorship started when the event producers, Townesquare Media and Lighter Than Air America, reached out and explained that the event needed a presenting sponsor to ensure its continuation. With a commitment to community enrichment, it was a simple decision for CapEd to partner to support the family-friendly, end-of-summer community celebration.

After our first year of sponsoring the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, Lighter Than Air America presented the idea to have a branded balloon incorporated into CapEd's marketing. It took a bit of time to have this concept and the associated expense and liability to sink in but once the idea was fully considered, it was up, up and away!

That's how the CapEd hot air balloon came to be. After the initial launch in 2016 , the community was asking why it was named Read to Rise. To answer that, it came from a question our own credit union Board of Directors asked: "how do we tie the hot air balloon into our mission and vision?"

The name draws on CapEd's legacy of supporting the education community and our important focus on early childhood learning. As young learners read, they can rise throughout their lives. Additionally, our annual elementary school reading program is held with the same name. The Read to Rise Reading Program encourages young learners to read in school and at home. Elementary schools can receive a visit from Read to Rise with CapEd's Young Reader Ambassador Ed Word the Bookworm™.

A shout out and big thank you to the hot air balloon operators, Lighter Than Air America. They are a Boise-based company with over 35 years of experience. The owners, the late Scott Spencer and Laurie Spencer, helped start the Boise River Festival and the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic held during the Labor Day weekend in Ann Morrison Park. In addition to providing flight operations for CapEd Credit Union, they are the Aerial Ambassadors for the Walt Disney Company, Coca-Cola and Kellogg's.


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