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Bill Pay

Pictures of credit union members using online devices to pay their bills.

Bill Pay is a feature of CapEd's eBanking that allows you to pay your bills directly from your online account.

How to use Bill Pay

  • Gather the billing statements for the bills you want to pay.
  • Log in to . If you do not have a CapEd eBanking account, .
  • Click on the Bill Pay Widget.
  • Under the Bill Pay Dashboard, click on the top right icon that says + Add Payee and enter in the requested information for each payee.
  • Once your Payee is set up, click on the payee to make a payment, see your activity, view and edit details, or see your bills.
    • Select the account you need to make a payment on.
    • Type in the amount to pay and submit.

Bill Pay features

Bill Pay widget landing page with option to add a payee.
Bill Pay add payee screen with options for the payee to be a business or individual.
Option menu to add financial information for a business payee in Bill Pay.
Option menu to add financial information for a person payee in Bill Pay