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Financial Assistance

At CapEd Credit Union, we're dedicated to providing our members and community with the necessary resources to achieve financial well-being and success.

What is Financial Well-Being?

Financial well-being is the state of having enough money and resources to meet your basic needs, achieve your financial goals, and feel secure about your financial future.

Financial Assistance

CapEd is also here to help during challenging financial situations. When individuals find themselves facing financial difficulties, such as struggling to make loan payments or experiencing a sudden loss of income, our Credit Resolutions Department can offer reliable support and guidance. One of the primary ways Credit Resolutions helps is by providing financial hardship assistance on approved loans.

  • Home Loan Assistance
  • Auto Loan Assistance
  • Credit Card Assistance
  • Personal Loan Assistance

Contact Credit Resolutions today to see if you are eligible for assistance.

(208) 884-0150

Select preferred language, then select option 3 to contact the Credit Resolutions team.

Loan Resources

Find helpful resources for your CapEd loans here.

Debt Protection with Life Plus

CapEd offers a variety of options to protect your assets and credit.

Due Date Change

Request to change your loan due date. Contact Us to get started.


You may be eligible to skip your upcoming loan payment.

Loan Payments

Find a payment option that works best for you.

Financial Educational Resources

CapEd Credit Union is an exceptional resource when it comes to educating the community about financial literacy. Recognizing the importance of financial knowledge and empowerment, CapEd offers a variety of educational programs to help improve an individuals' financial literacy.

Request a Financial Wellness Presentation. Opens in new tab.

Request CapEd's Financial Education Specialist to visit your school, non-profit, after school program or business and teach a financial well-being lesson.

It's a Money Thing

A library of short and fun educational videos to help kids and young adults learn about money. Some resources are available in Spanish.

Learn About Mortgages

Buying a home can be exciting but also nerve racking and confusing. Don't worry, we've got the answers to your most common questions here.

Credit Score

Easily access your credit report, track your score and find resources to help improve it all within CapEd's online banking.

Courtesy Pay

Cover your transaction when you don't have the funds and learn tips for how to avoid overdrafts.

Our Blog

Learn about CapEd products, services, tools, and find helpful articles on our blog.

Begin your journey to Financial Well-Being today!