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Second Home Mortgage

Two photographs with one having the interior of a cabin bedroom with a fireplace and the other showing the exterior of a cabin with a deck in the woods.

Thinking about buying a second home, like a cabin in the mountains or a condo in the city? We have great rates for you to buy or refinance a second home!

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What is a Second Home?

A second home is a one-unit property you purchase in addition to your primary residence that you intend to live in for part of the year. Secondary homes must be suitable for year-round occupancy and accessibility. Borrowers must have sole control over the property, meaning it cannot be a full-time rental, timeshare, or managed by a property management company.

Benefits & Features

  • Lower rate than most competitors.
  • Utilize our Lock & Locate program if you are searching for a property.
  • Refinance to adjust your current rate/term or get cash out.

Best if:

  • You live out of state and visit or vacation in Idaho often.
  • You want a vacation home in the mountains or near the lake.
  • You are preparing to retire and settle down in Idaho.


Rates current as of .

Second Home Mortgage Purchase

Second Home Mortgage Rates.
Mortgage TermInterest RateAPRPointsSample Payment
30 Year6.875%7.112%0Sample Payments for Second Home 30 Year Mortgage
15 Year6.750%7.092%0Sample Payments for Second Home 15 Year Mortgage
10 Year6.750%7.231%0Sample Payments for Second Home 10 Year Mortgage

Second Home Refinance

Second Home Refinance Rates.
Mortgage TermInterest RateAPRPointsSample Payment
30 Year7.000%7.252%0Sample Payments for Second Home 30 Year Mortgage
15 Year7.125%7.420%0Sample Payments for Second Home 15 Year Mortgage
10 Year7.125%7.537%0Sample Payments for Second Home 10 Year Mortgage

General Requirements

  • Up to 80% loan to value
  • Lower debt-to-income ratio
  • Good-to-excellent credit score
  • Contact one of our experienced Loan Officers for more details

Apply for a Second Home Mortgage

Apply for a mortgage online or visit a CapEd location and ask about our Second Home Mortgages to get started.

Mortgage Loan Officers

We have an experienced and reliable team to assist you every step of the way when buying or refinancing your home. If you're ready to apply for purchasing or refinancing your second home, review the resources below and contact our Mortgage team to get started.

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Jeff Acree

Jeff Acree

NMLS Number 6591
Phone Number: (208) 855-4605
Email Jeff
  Thunderbolt Branch
Apply with Jeff

Paul McMurdie

Paul McMurdie

NMLS Number 1000571
Phone Number: (208) 898-7039
Email Paul
  Parkcenter Branch
Apply with Paul

Carole Meyer

Carole Meyer

NMLS Number 91917
Phone Number: (208) 898-7052
Email Carole
  South Nampa MCC
Apply with Carole

Joe Azevedo

Joe Azevedo

NMLS Number 96874
Phone Number: (208) 855-4688
Email Joe
  Eagle Branch
Apply with Joe

Isabel Bailey

Isabel Bailey

NMLS Number 507120
Phone Number: (208) 884-0150 ext. 7024
Email Isabel
  McMillan Branch
Apply with Isabel

Mike Troester

Mike Troester

NMLS Number 1381739
Phone Number: (208) 855-4680
Email Mike
  Linder MCC
Apply with Mike

Cal Gothberg

Cal Gothberg

NMLS Number 148078
Phone Number: (208) 898-7026
Email Cal
  South Meridian MCC
Apply with Cal

Steve Sengelmann

Steve Sengelmann

NMLS Number 91656
Phone Number: (208) 855-4603
Email Steve
  Thunderbolt Branch
Apply with Steve

Ana Moroshan

Ana Moroshan

NMLS Number 452269
Phone Number: (208) 898-7030
Email Ana
  South Nampa MCC
Apply with Ana


Here are some helpful resources to help you when getting ready to refinance or buy your new home.

Purchase a Home Checklist Opens in new tab. Link is a PDF document.

Make sure you have everything you need to purchase your new home with this PDF.

Refinance a Home Checklist Opens in new tab. Link is a PDF document.

Make sure you have everything you need to refinance your home with this PDF.

Maximum Mortgage Calculator

This calculator collects important variables & determines your maximum monthly mortgage payment.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Estimate how much interest you can save by increasing your mortgage payments.


All loans are subject to approval. Rates listed are base rates. Rates, terms, and conditions may change without notice and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, loan amounts, and collateral conditions.