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Earn more with a checking account from CapEd.

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Cash Back Rewards

Earn 2% cash back on up to $300 in debit card purchases.

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High Yield Rewards

Earn great rates with High Yield Checking™ bundled with a High Yield Savings account.

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Money Market Checking

Earn a higher dividend rate on more funds with a Money Market account.

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Debit card being inserted into an ATM.

Debit Cards

For CapEd members who open a checking account.

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Overdraft Protection & Courtesy Pay

Cover your transaction when you don't have the funds.

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Resources for your personal banking

Do more with a checking account from CapEd.

Information Update Form Opens in new tab.

Let us know if your personal information, like a name change, new address or contact information needs to be updated by filling out and submitting this form.

Account Change Request Form Opens in new tab.

If you need to make changes to your account, like adding or removing someone from your account or switching your account type, fill out this form.

Order Checks

Order new checks or reorder checks when you need them.

Savings Accounts

Check out our Savings Accounts.


You may find your account number in eBanking.

If you are using CapEd's Online Banking through your desktop computer, you will find your checking account numbers and CapEd's routing number listed at the bottom right corner of the login dashboard.

If you are in the CapEd Mobile Banking app, simply visit the Checking Deposit Information widget to find your checking account numbers and CapEd's routing number.

A fee charged to your account will likely be a Courtesy Pay Fee*, a Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee*, or a Bad Address fee:

Courtesy Pay allows you to overdraw your account up to the disclosed limit for a $27 fee, in order to pay a transaction. Standard Courtesy Pay covers overdrafts caused by:

  • Writing a check
  • An ACH transaction
  • Recurring debit card and Bill Pay transactions

Extended Courtesy Pay requires your consent. This extended privilege covers overdrafts caused by:

  • All items listed for Standard Courtesy Pay as well as everyday debit card transactions.
  • If you see a $27 Courtesy Pay fee in your transaction history to cover a transaction under $5, your transaction was covered using courtesy pay instead of being returned or declined.

For additional information regarding Courtesy Pay, please visit our Overdraft Protection & Courtesy Pay page.

A $27 NSF fee is charged when funds are not available in your account and your source of overdraft (including Courtesy Pay).

If a check, an ACH payment, or a Bill Pay transaction cannot be covered due to lack of available funds, the charge will not be covered and will be returned. A $27 Non-Sufficient Funds fee will be charged in this case.

Please note, merchants are at liberty to attempt a transaction more than once. Multiple NSF fees can be charged for multiple attempts where the funds are still not available in your account to cover the amount of the transaction.

*In either instance, please always refer to your available balance to determine the amount of funds available in your account to cover any transaction(s).

Bad Address Fees occur due to federal regulations that prohibit financial statements to be forwarded on to a forwarding address by the USPS. When CapEd receives returned mail from the USPS due to an out of date mailing address, a bad address flag is placed on the member's profile and an email notification is sent to the email address on file informing the member that an updated mailing address is needed. In the case that no email is listed for the account or we receive no response via email and the address remains uncorrected, calls are also made to inform members of the bad address flag and to obtain a correct mailing address.

If we are not able to correct the address listed on the member's profile by 60 days after the bad address flag is placed, a $5 bad address fee can be assessed per statement cycle. Please refer to our Contact Us Page and the FAQ: How do I update my mailing address? for information on how to update your mailing address to avoid this type of fee.