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Logo & Style Guide

When using the name of CapEd Credit Union in written text, please use the entire name "CapEd Credit Union". For simplicity, the name can be shortened to “CapEd” in subsequent use in the same piece. Also, the proper format is "CapEd" – the C and E are capitalized and there is no space between the p and E.


Our logos are available in numerous formats.


The official CapEd logo

CapEd Logo in full color
CapEd Logo in black


The official WeLoveTeachers logo

We Love Teachers Logo in full color
We Love Teachers Logo in black

Style Guide

This guide will familiarize you with the parts of CapEd Credit Union's branding. You'll see these values reflected across all elements of our brand, including typography, iconography, and web design.

Download the CapEd Style Guide