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Auto Loan Financing

CapEd offers auto loan financing for new or used vehicles with terms available from 12 months to 96 months on approved credit. Whether you want to buy a new car or that used truck for sale in your neighborhood, CapEd can help you get on the road.

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Financing Options

CapEd has you covered when you are looking for a new vehicle. Try our Auto Loan Calculator to help you estimate a monthly payment or loan term.

  Dealer Financing

If you're looking for dealer financing in Boise and surrounding areas in Idaho, you're in the right place. You can finance your vehicle with CapEd at numerous dealerships throughout the Treasure and Magic Valleys.

  Auto Loan Pre-Approval

Get pre-approved for your next auto loan to make shopping for a vehicle easier. Pre-approvals are good for 90 days and can be used for purchases at the dealership or from a private party. Apply today for the opportunity to get pre-approved for your next auto loan.

  Payment Saver

CapEd's Payment Saver Auto Loan is a no down payment option with lower monthly payments and flexible loan terms. Read more about the payment saver program and contact us today to get started.

  Best Place for Auto Loan Refinance

If you are looking for a better rate on your current vehicle loan, we may be able to help! CapEd can refinance a vehicle loan you have with another lender.

Shop for a Car Online

We want to bring convenience to all your financial transactions. That's why we partnered with AutoSMART to offer you a website that consolidates your vehicle search and auto loan application into one easy process!

Shop for vehicles from multiple dealerships in the Treasure and Magic Valleys and apply for an auto loan without having to leave your browser or the comfort of your home. Find your car online today.

Protect your Vehicle

Your vehicle purchase is a big investment. Let CapEd's experienced loan officers help you put together a car repair protection plan that helps protect that investment for the long term with the following services:

  Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

GAP coverage is an additional measure of security that reduces the financial burden that may be incurred if your vehicle is stolen or totaled. GAP prevents the deficiency loan balance from being added to a new loan in the event of a total loss. GAP can be purchased at a low, one-time cost.

  Mechanical Breakdown Protection

CapEd offers a low-cost protection program that protects members from expensive auto repairs. You may qualify to purchase this for vehicles you already own, even if you financed it elsewhere.

1% Cashback Auto Loan Refinance

Don't have an auto loan yet at CapEd? You could earn 1% cash back on the value of your loan when you're approved to refinance a loan from another financial institution with us. Call your CapEd Loan Officer today at (208) 510-5275 and ask about our 1% Cashback Auto Loan Refinance promotion.

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CapEd Credit Union Auto Loan Rates

Who has the best auto loan rates in Idaho? That's up to you to decide, and we're hopeful you decide that it's us! Check out CapEd's rates for new vehicles as well as older models below.

Auto loan rates current as of .

Age of Vehicle Loan Term APR as low as Payment per $1,000 Borrowed
2014 - 2022 24 - 96 months % $ (60 months)
2013 and older 24 - 96 months % $ (60 months)

Apply for an Auto Loan Online

Easily apply online for a vehicle loan or contact us to get started.


The interest rate for an auto loan is not a hard and fast rule, but it's basically a "lower is better" concept. The interest rate you'll receive for an auto loan is driven primarily by four different factors:

  1. Credit score of the borrower: Borrowers with higher credit scores will qualify for lower interest rates. The lowest interest rate is given to borrowers with a credit score of 740 or higher. Additionally, a 0.15% discount is given to borrowers with an 800 credit score or higher.
  2. Term of the auto loan: Shorter term loans will have a lower interest rate than longer term loans. CapEd offers loan terms up to 96 months depending on qualifications. The lowest rate is offered on loan terms up to 60 months.
  3. Age of the vehicle: Vehicles older than 8 model years will have a higher interest rate than those that are newer.
  4. Loan-to-value: The more money you put down when purchasing a vehicle, or the more equity you have when refinancing a vehicle can lower your interest rate. The lowest rate is available for loans that do not exceed 90% of the vehicle's value.

Most often, when you apply for financing at the dealership, they will be sending that loan to third-party lenders as they generally don't directly finance your vehicle purchase in-house. There are three primary types of lenders they send your loan to for approval: Credit Unions, Banks, and franchise dealerships can send to their brand's financing department, such as Toyota, Subaru, etc.

For A+ borrowers – with credit scores 740 and higher – you have many financing options to choose from and at different times throughout the year the large brands will run financing promotions that can be extremely attractive.

If you're a member of a credit union, you can always ask for your loan to be sent to your own credit union. Be sure to mention you are a CapEd member and that you would like your loan to be sent to CapEd.

Getting pre-approved for a vehicle purchase is very similar to getting pre-approved to purchase a home. When you apply for the auto loan an underwriter will pull your credit report and determine the amount you can borrow based on your loan qualification and any down payment or trade-in equity you have available to contribute to the purchase.

Once you are approved, you can shop for a vehicle within the loan amount provided in your preapproval. One thing to keep in mind is that the purchase price of the vehicle is not the only cost you must budget for within your pre-approved loan amount. You will need to factor in taxes and any additional products/services such as GAP, Extended Warranty, and other maintenance/protection plans.

Credit unions provide many types of consumer loans including auto loans. We offer multiple options within our auto loans for all borrowers' needs, including purchase from a dealership, purchase from a private-party seller, first-time buyer options, refinancing loans, and lease-buy outs.

When you apply at our Credit Union, we will pull your credit report and qualify you for the best option that helps you achieve your financial goals.

You certainly can! If you're using a CapEd Auto Loan to purchase your next vehicle from a private-party seller, we provide a private party checklist to help guide you through this process. Contact us to get started today.

CapEd also offers Boat, RV, and Powersport Loans to our members with dealership financing, pre-approval, and refinancing options available. Go out and play this season with a CapEd Recreational Vehicle Loan.


All loans subject to approval. Rates listed are base rates. Rates, terms, and conditions may change without notice and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, loan amounts, and collateral conditions.

1% Cash Back available on Auto, RV, and Powersport refinancing. 1% rebate must be requested prior to loan closing. The 1% cash back will be forfeited and added to loan balance if loan is paid off within 12 months of opening. All loans subject to credit approval. 1% cash back does not apply to refinance of CapEd loans. Additional conditions apply. See Credit Union for details.