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CapEd Credit Union Online Banking

Access your accounts online anytime with CapEd's online banking tools: eBanking for desktop users and Mobile Banking.

Debit Card with mobile service waves coming out

Online Banking Features

With CapEd's online banking, you can view account and loan balances, check transaction history, transfer funds between accounts internal and external to CapEd, use Bill Pay to pay bills directly from your account, use MoneyTracker® as your personal financial manager, and more! All on the go and at your convenience.

The Savvy Money widget in CapEd's online banking allows primary account holders to view their credit score for free! Scores are updated frequently at no cost to you.

Once you've created a spending budget in MoneyTracker®, make sure you set up a savings budget in the Savings Goals widget! Easily set a saving goal for vacation or an emergency fund, connect it to an account, and watch it grow.

Apply for a personal loan, auto loan, or credit card in eBanking and check the status of your loan all in Online Banking through Quick Apply. It's easy and secure! You can also add savings, checking, or certificate accounts in this widget.

Does your financial institution give you visibility to all your accounts in one place? Aggregate Accounts link your external accounts to your CapEd Online Banking Dashboard so that you can see transactions and plan budgets with accounts internal and external to CapEd.

Conveniently transfer money to an account outside of CapEd with the online banking feature, External Transfer. All you need is the account type, routing number, and account number to complete this quick transaction.

Receive email or push notification alerts to stay up to date on all of your important accounts and balances. You can read more about eAlerts here.

As a companion App to the Rise Youth and Young Adult Savings Account, this widget is designed to help parents and guardians teach their children under age 18 to save money, spend wisely, practice loan requests and repayment, and moreā€”all while having fun together! Check it out.

Mobile Banking

Enjoy the same eBanking features available from your desktop on the CapEd Mobile App, enabling you to access your accounts anytime and anywhere you have WiFi or a network connection. It's quick, easy, and free1!

Download the App

You can download the CapEd Mobile Banking App on your iPhone or Android device.

Download from the Apple App Store Get it on Google Play

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks2 into your account with the CapEd Mobile App by using the camera on your cell phone. Mobile deposit works on any Android or iOS mobile phone with a camera. Tablets, including the iPad, are currently not supported.


CardCommand™ allows you to turn your CapEd Visa® Debit Card on and off with a simple swipe so you're in charge of your card even if you don't have it with you. When your card is turned off all purchases and ATM transactions will be declined. To use CardCommand™, launch the CapEd mobile app and select the CardCommand™ menu option. Find out more about CardCommand™.

Mobile Payments

Take your card online! Paying for purchases with your CapEd debit or credit card on your phone is easy and secure in Apple Pay , Google Pay , and Samsung Pay .

Online Banking How-To Videos

CapEd Credit Union's YouTube channel now features a playlist of how-to content for using Online Banking and the Mobile Banking app. Check out our video playlist below or view the videos on YouTube .


Click on the "Enroll in eBanking" link under the login button on Select the appropriate option to register as an Individual or a Business member and complete the prompts that follow.

If you believe you are already registered but have forgotten your username, contact us by phone at (208)884-0150 or with the live chat on during our Contact Center business hours.

There are four main credit report agencies who will provide your credit report to you, as referenced on our blog. CapEd Credit Union members also receive a free credit score report through the Savvy Money widget in CapEd's Online Banking.

Actually, external transfers and wire transfers are very different! An external transfer allows you to transfer money to and from your CapEd accounts and your accounts at other Financial Institutions. External Transactions are processed using ACH and take a few days to show up in your transaction history.

A wire transfer moves funds from one institution to another. Funds are usually received within one business day for domestic wires (note, an international wire can take up to 10 business days). Due to the increase of wire transfer scams, it is highly recommended to verify the wiring instructions with and know the person receiving the wired funds. Fees apply.

Mobile banking apps are safe and secure as long as users follow some technological best practices. See what's good to keep in mind when mobile banking in this article .

When you submit a check to your account through CapEd's Mobile Deposit widget, it is best practice to write the date you completed the mobile deposit on the back of the check and keep it for 30 days.

Turning off your debit card with CapEd's CardCommand™ app stops the card from processing transactions until you're ready to use it again. This feature is helpful if your debit card is lost or stolen. If you'd like to learn how to command your debit card, visit our Debit Card page for more info.

Yes, mobile wallet payment apps are secure. Find out more about how to use mobile wallet safely in this article from the Banker's Trust Education Center.

To enroll in eStatements, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into online banking.
  2. From your online banking Dashboard, click on More > eDocuments > Statements > View Statements. The system will automatically redirect you to our statement provider's website to set up eStatements.*
  3. You will need to manually change your Monthly Statement, Notices, and Tax Statements from "Paper" to "Electronic" delivery. To do so, click on the Enrollment button in the top right corner of the screen, and select "Electronic" for each statement/notice that you'd prefer to receive electronically.
  4. The Agreement to Receive Communications Electronically will populate after you have done so. Read the document to make sure you understand the agreement, type in 'edocs' in the space provided at the end of the document, and click 'I Agree.'
  5. You'll know that your enrollment in eStatements was successful when a message appears on the screen that says your future statements will be available electronically.

*If you have a pop-up blocker enabled within your browser, you will likely need to add as an exception in your pop up blocker's settings or temporarily turn the blocker off while viewing your statements online.


1 Wireless carriers may charge for web-enabled services. Please consult your carrier for any related costs.

2 All deposits will be subject to a hold based on account balances and your member relationship with CapEd. If a deposit is rejected, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your CapEd eBranch account, notifying you that your deposit was rejected.

Between 11:59 pm and 12:59 am each night, your balances may not update immediately when making a transfer. Transactions received during that time period are stored for posting and effective the next business day.

Visa® credit card payments made using Mobile Banking after 6:00 pm each day are posted to your Visa® credit account the next business day. They do not appear on your online account record until the second business day after the payment is made.

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