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CapEd has numerous savings account options suited for your short term, long term, or investment needs.

Learn more about a Savings Account


A standard savings account that retains your membership and is an easy way to save.

Learn more about Certificates


Earn higher dividends on funds you stash away for months or years.

Learn more about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)


Saving for retirement is important. An IRA can help with that.

Learn more about Medical Savings Accounts

Medical Savings Accounts

A great way to help pay for eligible medical expenses.

Learn more about a Health Savings Account

Health Savings Account

A medical savings account option if you are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan.

Learn more about Education Savings Accounts (ESA)

Education Savings Accounts

A great way to save for your child's eligible education expenses.

Learn more about a Youth Savings account

Rise Youth and Young Adult Savings Account

The Rise Youth and Young Adult Savings account is created specifically for youth ages 0 through 25 years. Young members with this account will earn a special dividend rate until age 26, and account owners who are age 18 and under can learn about saving with the interactive Rise App in CapEd eBanking.

Learn more about a Holiday Cash Stasher

Holiday Cash Stasher

Deposit money throughout the year to use for the holiday season.

Learn more about Idaho First-Time Home Buyer Savings

Idaho First-Time Home Buyer Savings

An Idaho tax advantaged account to help first-time home buyers.