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Investment Services

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Investment services to develop resources for retirement is very personal. CapEd partners with Tree City Advisors of Apollon to provide a highly personalized approach for members to grow their wealth throughout their individual financial journey.

Start Your Financial Journey With Tree City Advisors of Apollon

Tree City Advisors of Apollon provides financial advisory services to CapEd's clients, with a dedicated approach focusing on four key areas:

1. Financial Planning

Planning is an intimate, individual process to help identify what matters most to you. Your finances, family, and leisure goals are unique to you. Tree City's approach is focused on what you want to achieve.

2. Asset Management

Tree City's approach is to learn your goals and help you achieve them. Each client is taken through a discovery process, giving you a personalized strategy.

3. True Fiduciaries

Every Tree City advisor acts in your best financial interest. Always! A fiduciary advisor is focused on your goals and your path to achieve them.

4. Dedication to Education

Tree City Advisors of Apollon aligns to CapEd's mission to support quality education and strengthen your financial well-being. They provide a robust breath of tools and knowledge you need to reach your financial goals. You can listen and watch their free educational content by visiting their podcast page and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Tree City Advisors of Apollon regards advocacy in the financial advisory industry as a neglected practice. They believe clients deserve tailored planning, curated coaching and education, and carefully personalized advice. There are times when clients require protection, and Tree City advocates for you to safeguard your interests. Their network of trusted independent specialists help you find qualified assistance for many significant life events.

With full confidence and through our preferred partnership, we refer members to Tree City Advisors of Apollon for investment services. Please review the following disclosures and get started with your personalized consultation.

Get Started With Tree City Advisors of Apollon

Upon acknowledgement of the disclosure, you will be redirected to Tree City Advisors of Apollon's website to continue your financial journey.


CapEd Credit Union (CapEd) has a referral relationship with Apollon Wealth Management, LLC dba Tree City Advisors of Apollon (TCA). Apollon Wealth Management is an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC. A disclosure describing the referral relationship between CapEd and TCA can be found through this link: Link is a PDF document..