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We have many ways for you to reach us so we can answer your questions and meet your needs quickly. Text us, chat online, or give us a call.

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At CapEd, we strongly believe It's More Than Banking, It's Making A Difference. We strive to make a difference in our local communities by supporting a variety of causes, events and activities. If you have an event or activity you wish to have CapEd Credit Union consider for a sponsorship or donation, please visit our Sponsorship & Donations page to review the guidelines and fill out the request form.

Sponsorships & Donations

Additional Resources

CapEd Blog

We have a growing library of how-to articles available for reference when you need help! Visit the CapEd blog and explore our resources to find instructions and answers to other frequently asked member questions.

CapEd YouTube How-To Videos

CapEd Credit Union's YouTube channel features a playlist of how-to content for Online Banking features that helps you navigate the CapEd Mobile Banking App on Android and on iOS. Check out our CapEd Online Banking Guides playlist to learn more.