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Lock & Locate

Take the mystery out of knowing what your mortgage rate will be while taking the time to find the home that's right for you.

Structure of a home being built with the words Lock and Locate written over the top

Whether you're buying an existing home or searching for a plot of land to have a home built upon, CapEd has a great program to help give you time and get you started.

CapEd members can lock a mortgage loan at a current rate1 for up to 180 days on existing homes and 360 days for those building a home. CapEd's Lock & Locate program also allows a one-time "float down" option to be used within 60 days of closing or rate expiration, if rates drop. Let us help you finance your perfect home!

Mortgage Rates

Rates current as of .

Conventional Fixed

Mortgage Term Interest Rate APR Points Sample Payment
30 Year % % Sample Payment
15 Year % % Sample Payment
10 Year % % Sample Payment

Idaho Housing

Mortgage Term Interest Rate APR Points Sample Payment
30 Year % % Sample Payment

Apply to Lock Your Rate

Apply for a mortgage online or visit a CapEd location and ask about our Lock & Locate program to get started.


No, with CapEd's Lock & Locate Program, you can lock your interest rate for up to six months while you find the perfect home for you and your family. If you are building a home, you can lock your rate for up to twelve months!

That is a great question! CapEd offers a one-time "float down" to the current rate after locking in your rate, as long is it's within 60 days of closing.

If your loan is turned down, or the deal between a buyer and seller falls through due to an appraisal or inspections, CapEd will refund the deposit.

CapEd understands that it can take time to find the right place to settle down. If you can't find a home within six months after you lock in your rate, we'll return your deposit.

No catch, no tricks with CapEd's Lock & Locate Program. Apply with one of our Mortgage Loan Officers and deposit 1% of the loan amount to lock in your rate. At closing, the initial 1% of funds are credited back to you to use towards your down payment or closing costs.


All loans subject to approval. Rates listed are base rates. Rates, terms, and conditions may change without notice and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, loan amounts, and collateral conditions.

1 A fee equal to 1% of the loan amount is required at the time of the rate lock and is credited towards closing costs at the time of closing.